Creating Bootable USB Installer for Windows 8

In this post, I will show how to create a bootable USB Installer for Windows 8 (and other OS as well).

Prepare at least 4GB USB Drive. Format using NTFS filesystem.
Also, make sure the partition is active as shown below:


Download ISO file for Windows 8. You can download from this link:

Notice that you can use the same method for android and linux as well. You have to do is to find the correct ISO.
Download UNetbootin. You may download the standalone version. Upon running the window will be as follows:
Notice that you need to browse to point to the downloaded ISO file as shown above. Also, please ensure you select the correct drive (if you have so many USB drive attached).
Also take note that with UNetbootin, some distributions (mostly linux based) can be downloaded directly from the software itself.
Use the USB drive to boot and install.
Download Links:
:: aerobrainTech ::

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