Firefox 4 RC 2

Just after 10 days Mozilla released the Firefox RC 1 (Release Candidate 1), this morning, Firefox RC 2 has been released. For a normal user like me, it does not have any significant difference compared to the RC 1. Although I have to emphasize again that Mozilla team has been doing great job in improving speed since Firefox 3.6. Personally, Firefox RC 1 (and 2) is significantly faster than Firefox 4 Beta 12.

Try the Firefox RC 2 now!

As a normal practice (for some reason), new version of Firefox will automatically disabled your favorite add-on if it is not certified or tested yet. But there is a workaround for you if you still would like to continue using your favorite add-on:
  1. Download the Compatibility Reporter add-on
  2. Install and restart Firefox

If the Compatibility Reporter add-on installed, you can contribute to Mozilla team whether your favorite add-on is still working perfectly fine with the new version of Firefox. Anyway, this is why Firefox is given free, because everybody is a contributor and a user at the same time!

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  1. bibopp | | Reply

    hi mr aerobrain.i have been using firefox 4 since my experience, i hv yet to notice the difference in term of the faster speed like u, what u hv to say?

  2. -pi- | | Reply

    hi bibopp. thanks for your feedback. maybe u just did not notice the difference. anyway, i'll look around whether mozilla has any comment about this.

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