How to Crack RAR / ZIP?

Have you ever lost or forgotten the password for your RAR or ZIP archive? At first you don’t want others to have access to your ‘secret’ files. But after sometimes (maybe few months or few years), you totally forgotten the password.

The good news is, RAR / ZIP archive are easily crackable. The bad news is, now you know that imposing password protection to a RAR / ZIP archive don’t really secure your files! (haha!)

For a secure way to store your ‘secret’ files, please use TrueCrypt (free & open source)

Let us start. There are 2 free applications that you can try:

OS Supported: Linux

  • Support multi-thread / multi-core – means this application can crack your password faster since it can use many CPU cores simultaneously.


  • Only brute attack mode. No dictionary or guess based on portion of the password that you remember.

Installation Notes:

  • Requires the following package (may install using ‘yum’):
    • glibc
    • any POSIX compatible operating system [sorry Window$ isn’t]
    • pthreads – download ‘libxml2-devel’ package
    • libxml2
    • and finally: 7zip, unrar, unzip

Download RarCrack!

OS Supported: Windows, Linux, Mac OS

  • Support cracking using GPU – this application can utilize your super duper GPU (NVIDIA/ATI) for the cracking purposes. Did you know that GPU is way more powerful that the CPU?
  • Support dictionary attack as well as the brute attack.


  • Open source version does not supported multi-core. 

Download cRARk

Finally, as a reminder, hacking or cracking is not a 1-2-3 kind of thing. It requires massive cpu usage and it might be time consuming. That’s all!

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