This is another software that I use everyday without realizing it. Since I was in graduate school, I’ve used Rainlendar to mark important days and keep to-do list so that I won’t miss the important dates and tasks. Also, every beginning of the year, I’ll create a separate calendar file to mark the public holidays (in Malaysia of course). You may download Malaysia Public Holidays for year 2011 here: Malaysia Public Holidays 2011 (.ics).

After you installed Rainlendar, go to Options –> Calendars –> Add.. –> Select the file you’ve downloaded above. Take note that, if you don’t want this file to be accidentally changed, you can click on “Read Only” as shown below:

Key features that I like with Rainlendar are:

  • Light software
  • Free (for Lite version)
  • Able to highlight upcoming events (7 or 14 days before/after depending on your setting)
  • Read/display multiple calendar files
  • Sync calendar with other PC/Laptops using Dropbox

Of course, you can buy the Pro version (9.95 EUR) which enables you to:

  • Synchronize with Outlook
  • Synchronize with Google Calendar
  • Synchronize with colleagues over network connections

For me, the free version is enough since I’m using Dropbox to synchronize the calendar between my PC/Laptop. And believe it or not, I already using this software for 5 years (fuh, time really flies, huh?). Try it now, and you can write your comment here about this software.

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