Recommended Software (preliminary)

I’ve created a page to list down all software that I recommend for everyday use. This list will be updated from time to time if I found any new interesting software that can help productivity/security/fun in our everyday life in front of this machines (computer!).

Here is the link to the page: Recommended Software. Or you can just click “Recommended” on the tab above.

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  1. truemax | | Reply

    Cool! I'll try out some of the software probably soon.

    I would like to add into the list, some of my all-time-favorite-cant-leave-without-it software:
    – AutoHotkey – Desktop automation
    – Gimp – Free 'photoshop'
    – Cygwin – Linux on Windows (?)
    – VIM – Super text editor
    – Wikipad – Take notes and organize them

    25 Ramadhan 1432H Thursday

  2. -pi- | | Reply

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add into the list.

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