Shutter Count using Opanda IExif

You can use Opanda IExif to find out what is the shutter count of your DSLR.

* Unfortunately this only works for Nikon and very few models of Canon (20D). If you have more info please comment.

Shutter count is referring to how many times the mirror moves up and down during taking pictures. Thus, this number correspond to the life of the main component of a DSLR which is the mirror assembly. It is crucial to look at this number if you want to decide whether to send to service or you want to but an used DSLR camera body.

This is how to check the shutter count of your DSLR Camera:

Download and Install Opanda IExif. You may download from Opanda website or this alternative link.

Open your image file with Opanda IExif.

Look for Total Number of Shutter Releases for Camera as shown below:

(oh no.. just realized that my camera shutter count almost 20k already)

* Opanda IExif camera is distributed FREE! However, the EXIF editor is commercial.

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