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Ever since we received spam in Facebook that claim it can produce report to our Facebook profile such who our activity, who visited our profile page most frequent and etc. Last week, I found 2 web-tools that can generate the report for our Facebook account. Of course, both tools will ask our permission first to do so.

FIRST Tool: Wolfram Alpha
Wolfram Alpha is a Computational Knowledge Engine. It is a search engine that works by gathering information from the internet and try to interpret what we are looking for. It different from Google. The results are more scientific and if you type non-sense word, it cannot interpret correctly (so far).
To get your Facebook report, just type “my facebook report” in the search field:

After clicking the “Analyze My Facebook Data” button, the permission window will pop-up for you to login into your Facebook Account. If you click “Allow”, then the engine will start to run for a few minutes.
The results are cool indeed! The reports shows from your basic personal info, activity and types of activity, weekly distribution of your posts, most frequent works you used in the posts, top commetors, top post shares, places you’ve checked ins, gender distribution of your friends and their relationship status, even age distribution and their hometowns and many more stuff. More interestingly, it also shows the Friend Network Diagram. It quite useful for some people especially if you want to know which friends interacted more with which other friends.

Intel is .. I don’t think I need to introduce Intel. Anyway, Intel has introduced a web-tool called What About Me?. It can gathered your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube information and generated a report.
Cut the story short, here is a snapshot of my report generated by Intel What About Me?:
This chart catch me attention. It summarizes the trend of posts in cool way!:

Hope you can try and post some comments here.
Here are the links to the tools:
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