Windows 8: Interesting New Features

After get frustrated with the dual-boot, fortunately I have a machine to fully test Windows 8 Consumer Preview with clean install. I format the hard disk, delete all partitions and re-create using the Windows 8 Boot Installer.
Anyway, I’m not gonna talk about the installation experience (in short, it went very well except for the NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500M that is no longer supported by NVIDIA update). What I’m gonna talk about is the new interesting features in Windows 8.
Integrated Email Client and Calendar
Even without Microsoft Outlook (or similar software), Windows 8 comes with the built-in metro application. This application can be setup to access your work email (Exchange), gmail and definitely hotmail! The same goes to the Calendar!


Interesting part of this weather is that once you allow the application to use your location, it will pull the current and forecast weather for your location.

Windows Store

Although there are not that many applications (yet) in the store (comparing to the Android!), but the look and feel is nice. The games also optimized to the user interface and touch experience. You can try the game ‘flow’! Quite a good game to kill time.

Start Page with All the Crucial Information you need!

Interestingly, I found out that the Metro Style Start Menu or Start Page is more that just a shortcut, but it also serves as center of information. Your latest email preview will be shown here, similarly the weather and also the event on your calendar.

New Shortcut Keys
There are new shortcut keys introduced in Windows 8. Below are a few (if not all) that I found:
Windows Key + X
Display setting menu near the old Start Menu

Windows Key + C
Open the Right Bar

Windows Key + F
Open Find Application

Windows Key + H
Open Share List

Windows Key + K
Open Devices List

Windows Key + Q
List All Applications Installed

Windows Key + W
Open Settings

Windows Key + . (period)
View Running Applications as Right Side Bar

Click here to download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview (beta)
Happy Trying the Beta!

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