Windows 8

Windows 8 has been released for download from MSDN website intended for developer to have a feel and develop applications to suit the new interface. You might be confuse because it won’t appear as Windows 8 but as Windows Developer Preview. You may visit this url to download:

I’ve installed the Windows Developer Preview on laptop as well as tablet. I found out that the minimum resolution needed for the ‘Metro style apps’ to work is 1024 x 768. However, if your laptop/netbook/tablet maximum resolution still can’t reach this resolution, there is a work around which is hacking the registry as explained below:

  1. Run ‘regedit’
  2. Search and modify all values “Display1_DownScalingSupported” from “0″ to “1″ 
  3. Restart the system 
  4. Enjoy the two new resolutions: 1024×768 px and 1152×864 px

Here are some interesting stuff I found it better that Windows 7:

Metro Style Apps – really nice especially for tablet/touch screen devices

Large button on screen keyboard – good for tablet/touch screen devices

There are more new features:

  • New login/logout style
  • Lock screen displays full screen picture that can act as a picture frame
  • New task manager interface

In terms of stability, there are few hiccups in this release whereby I realized that if the device were left for quite sometime (2-3 days), it system hangs/very slow after wake up from hybernating.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned!

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